The basic course is an adventurous entry into the world of entrepreneurship, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and guiding students in their first steps as entrepreneurs. Through a structured journey of topics, it builds a solid foundation, transforming vague dreams into concrete business plans. The advanced course, tailored for mature participants with feasible ideas and reviewed plans, delves deeper into planning and practical aspects, challenging assumptions for ultimate execution, skill development, and business expansion.

Basic course

The basic course opens the door for the adventurous world of venture. It aims to evoke the entrepreneurship “fire” and lay the grounds for a student to be taking her first steps as an entrepreneur. To do so, the course offers an interesting blend of topics and angles presented in a chronological manner, adding one building block on top of the other, navigating the student in building her venture from a vague dream into a concrete business plan. The basic course will be built out of curious “tastings”, generally reviewing most of the topics, and slowly tailoring a holistic perspective of the E2E process required for generating a new business.


  • The course will offer an initial exposure to entrepreneurship, focusing on women entrepreneurs
  • The course will evoke interest, curiosity, and passion towards becoming a women entrepreneurs
  • The course will serve as a prerequisite for the advanced course
  • The business plan will serve as a GO-NO-GO tool for potential entrepreneurs to explore their idea’s viability
  • The business plan will serve as a Filter, screening participants who applied for the advanced course

Advanced course

The advanced course fits a more mature audience, considering its participants as potential entrepreneurs with a feasible idea and a professionally reviewed business plan. It therefore takes most of the chapters reviewed in the basic course, dives into a deeper level of planning and expands into practical topics, in detail. It might be that some of the assumptions, data and guidelines presented in the initial business plan will be challenged and revalidated. The advanced course will focus on execution, skills & practices, and business growth.


  • The course will focus on the creation of a detailed, feasible business & Go-To-Market plans
  • The course deliverables will serve as a prerequisite, a screening tool and the starting point for joining the accelerator program



Noa Shemes

Director of Product Design

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