The program course is a comprehensive and transformative learning experience that equips participants with the essential marketing and branding skills needed to excel in today's competitive business landscape. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, and practical application, participants will develop a strategic mindset, gain proficiency in brand development, and leverage digital platforms to drive growth and success for their companies.

Expected goals:

  • Gain a deep understanding of marketing strategies and principles
  • Develop proficiency in branding for companies
  • Create a unique brand identity that resonates with target audiences
  • Learn to craft compelling brand narratives and storytelling
  • Explore successful branding case studies and adapt strategies to specific business contexts
  • Apply practical skills through hands-on workshops and real-world branding projects
  • Develop a strategic mindset for market analysis and identifying opportunities
  • Gain expertise in digital branding and leveraging digital platforms for brand visibility
  • Become a strategic marketer capable of making informed decisions and driving brand growth and success in the competitive business landscape

Course Schedule

Week 1

Introduction to Marketing Principles and Branding

Crafting a Strong Brand Identity; Brand Positioning and Value Proposition

Week 2

Brand Storytelling and Narrative Development

Market Analysis and Consumer Behaviour

Week 3

Conducting Effective Market Research

Designing Marketing Campaigns and Communication Strategies

Week 4

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Brand Visibility

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness and Data Analytics

Enhancing Online Presence and Personal Brand Image

Week 5

Final Project: Comprehensive Branding Strategy

Presentations and Feedback Session


Aleksandra Kolozheg

Aleksandra Kolozheg Gievska

Co-founder of MOTION Ltd.

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