This course has a general goal to improve the communication skills of women, to strengthen their self-confidence in the communication process; to teach them techniques of expanding the network of contacts and maintaining long-term relationships, as well as to teach them the basic principles of branding their company, personality and business mission.

Expected goals:

  • participants learn the basic rules and principles of correct and professional communication

  • To practice certain techniques

  • To improve their verbal communication skills

  • To be more relaxed in communications

  • To build a plan for building, expanding and maintaining the network of contacts

  • To build a strategy for long-term expansion of the network of contacts

  • To learn how to keep contacts alive

  • То create PR activities plan and ways how to realize it with low budget

Course Schedule

Week 1

Communication, basic lessons

Most common communication
mistakes and how to imrove?

Week 2

Techniques to improve communication skills, exercises

Strategy to expand and maintain the network

Week 2

PR and marketing, basic lessons

Build PR and marketing strategy and budget

Personal branding



Verica Jordanova

General Manager at Inovativnost

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