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B Dynamic Teams is a purpose-driven organization that aims to foster gender equality in the Balkan region and beyond by promoting the development of women leaders and entrepreneurs. The organization is dedicated to empowering women to take on leadership roles and to become drivers of economic growth and social progress. 

Through its initiatives and programs, B Dynamic Teams seeks to create a more diverse and inclusive business environment that enables women to succeed and thrive. The organization’s ultimate goal is to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of women, communities, and societies worldwide.

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Meet the team

Behind the scenes

The People Behind


Yaacov (Jacky) Naor

Senior Project Manager at IAI


Hodaya Bonard leroi

Effective Speech in Business Environment Lecturer


Verica Jordanova

General Manager at Inovativnost


Amnon Caspi

Former Deputy Head of the School of Business Administration and Economics, Bar Ilan University


Magdalena Spasovska

program and Project Developer


Noa Shemes

Director of Product Design


Tal Malca Salhuv

CMO. Business Dev, Marketing & Branding expert


Dorit Zini

Entrepreneur, Social Activist, and advocate for women's agendas in business and society in Israel


Rami Shechter

Founder and CEO of Vanywhere

Magdalena Srbinoska

Magdalena Srbinoska

Certified Accountant


Olga Rajcic

Co-founder of Challenger


Sharona Duchne

Founder, Adoption Wisdom

Sanja Mitrovska

Sanja Mitrovska

Founder of Networker


Elena Georgiadou

Founder of Luminous Freedom Education

Vlora Obertinca

Vlora Obertinca

Insurance industry Professional and Government advisor

Ran Goldstein

Ran Goldstein

Manager of Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities

Aleksandra Kolozheg

Aleksandra Kolozheg Gievska

Co-founder of MOTION Ltd.

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