This comprehensive course is thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals who are eager to enhance their time management skills and unlock new dimensions of energy management. Whether you're striving for better work-life balance, seeking heightened productivity, or aiming to optimize your personal and professional pursuits, this program offers a wealth of strategies and insights to help you navigate these domains with confidence and efficiency.

This is a course that serves more as a mentoring designed for participants who want to manage their time and gain new perspectives of managing their energy. Duration – 3 hours. Participants per session: 10-15 people. This course is preferable to be held during weekends, when participants are not overwhelmed with everyday activities, and can be more concentrated to share and make intro retrospective of their personal and professional lives.

The trainer held this course with women at International Conference in Prague (Equal Pay Day) where it was one of the most wanted mentoring sessions – 35 women were part of this mentoring session.



Olga Rajcic

Co-founder of Challenger

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