In Emotional Awakening, we are trying to see the whole picture of being human. This practical framework helps develop a healthy mind, reduce suffering, and bring more joy and gratitude in life. It is an inside out experience where you can reflect on your life, make sense of all your issues that can manifest as anxiety, relationship difficulties, depression, and other forms of human suffering, and understand how to connect with yourself and other people. This deep dive can provide the experiential learning you may be looking for.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Your relationships will improve, you will have a greater sense of purpose,
    and the confidence that you are moving in the direction that is right for you.

  • You will master practical strategies that strengthen your mind, enhance resilience, enrich
    relationships, and promote health and vitality,
    while you eliminate toxins
    from your heart, mind and body.

  • This is a step-by-step process to awaken your inner power and create the love, health, prosperity, well-being, and joy in your life, that you deserve.

Course Schedule:​

  • Emotional healing practices
  • Steps to eliminate toxins from mind and body
  • Effective ways to handle stress, stay centered and more consciously aware
  • Ways for enjoying a deeper level of inner peace
  • Discover one’s true self-worth
  • Enhance intimate relationships, and fulfil life’s purpose



These practices enhance wellbeing and restore balance in daily life.



Elena Georgiadou

Author and Educator

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