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We Two: Harnessing the Power of Cooperation in Entrepreneurship

Why ‘We Two’ in Today’s Market?

The current market landscape for entrepreneurs is unevenly tilted towards one gender. Men constitute 73% of entrepreneurs, leaving women as a minority at 27%. This imbalance represents an unrealized financial and entrepreneurial potential, and ‘We Two’ aims to unlock this potential, shifting the scales towards equality.


Gender Inequality: A Quick Glance at the Stats

  • The disparity between male and female entrepreneurs is stark, as evidenced by several parameters:
  • Among self-employed individuals, men account for 15.8% of the population, while women make up only 7.65%.
  • On average, women earn 30% less than their male counterparts.
  • The majority of self-employed women in Israel, at 72%, do not employ workers, unlike 56% of men.
  • Half of the women who register as self-employed with Bituach Leumi (the social security agency) earn less than 5,300 NIS, while this is true for only 29% of men.

These statistics point towards the need for change and the unrealized potential that ‘We Two’ aims to harness.


Obstacles to Women Entrepreneurs

Several obstacles are blocking women from shattering the glass ceiling:

  • Lack of access to credit: Women face significant challenges when seeking funding for their ventures.
  • Lack of business experience: In most cases, there are significantly fewer experienced women entrepreneurs compared to men.
  • Limited networking: Women are less likely to leverage social connections for business purposes than men.
  • Limited access to training and consulting: Men report greater accessibility to training necessary for starting a business.
  • Limited access to purchasing contracts: Women-led businesses are less likely to win public purchasing tenders.


The Solution: We Two’s Approach

To combat these challenges, ‘We Two’ is developing strategies that include:

  • Creation of a wide pool of data about gender obstacles.
  • Formulation of strategies to tackle gender obstacles.
  • Gender-segmented data about financing and development of suitable funding tools.
  • Development of a support mechanism that includes consulting and assistance to improve business survival and growth.
  • Development of a model to enhance the abilities and confidence of women entrepreneurs.


A Vision for Change

This blog presents a vision of a market with an increasing demand for the products that ‘We Two’ offer. As we progress further into the third millennium, often termed the ‘feminine millennium’, it becomes clear that empowering women in business is not just a phenomenon of the future, but a requirement of the present.

‘We Two’ aims to be a leader in business leadership, offering coaching and consulting services to women entrepreneurs. By leveraging the combined professional abilities of our two companies, we seek to provide an expanded and accessible value to the market.


Our Road to Cooperation

By combining our companies’ knowledge and experience, we will enhance the implementation of business and organizational processes in businesses run by women. Our goal is to bring to market new products through the support of a strategic partner that can provide technical expertise and resources.

In conclusion, ‘We Two’ represents a paradigm shift in female entrepreneurship, breaking down the barriers and amplifying feminine potential. Together, we will pave the way for a new era of women empowerment in business.

Liora Beit-Halachmi Caspi,

CEO of B Dynamic Teams

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